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Patent Strategy

Patent strategy refers to the overall planning for securing competitive advantages, long-term survival and continuous development, as enterprises actively seek to effectively protect themselves by leveraging the legal protections and various expedient conditions under the patent system, study and analyze their rivals by fully utilizing patent intelligence and information, and push ahead with the development of patent technologies and control monopolistic markets, in a radically changing and challenging environment.


Patent strategy aims to gain access to and occupy markets, and finally secure an advantageous position in market competition, while occupying markets is the core of its strategic target. To exercise patent strategy management, enterprises need to formulate the guidelines on patent creation, monitoring, enforcement, acquisition or transfer in an independent and innovative manner.


Pacific China can not only provide all-rounded professional consulting services regarding patent strategies, tactics and internal management for Chinese enterprises, but also formulate a set of corporate patent management systems in line with specific demands of enterprises according to their patent status and potential risks and put them into practice, and ensure that the patent strategies of enterprises effectively serve their sustained operation. In case of internationalized operations, Pacific China can also help foreign companies to meet their varied demands for patent protection in the PRC, such as patent technology analysis, preparation for patent invalidation cases and related litigation targeting Chinese enterprises.


In addition, Pacific China can provide targeted business consulting services to enterprises, identify technology trends and market competition situations of the industry through research and analysis, locate existing competitors or those posing potential threats, put forth targeted competition tactics, instruct enterprises in patent layout and license negotiations, and offer strategic opinions on M&As and strategic alliances.


Coping Strategy

It has become increasingly obvious nowadays that multinationals reap most of the profits and have the say in the industry by strengthening their control over the industrial chain through patents. From heavy machineries to batteries and chips, patent wars initiated by multinationals are frequently staged all across the world. Some have even dealt devastating blows to relevant industries.


"Knowing the enemy and yourselfyou can fight a hundred battles and win them all", as it goes in the Art of War - Attack by Stratagem by Sun Tzu. That's why it is so important to clearly understand the historical background of the times, analyze the patent protection status quo in international markets, provide feasible coping strategies for protecting the patents of Chinese enterprises, and successfully break the patent siege carefully engineered by multinationals.


On patent risk prevention, Pacific China can provide enterprises with due diligence investigations both in and outside China, identify potential patent risks, provide decision basis on which to resolve and tackle patent-related legal risks, carry out targeted trainings for enterprises on the patent risks possibly arising from the R&D, manufacture and sales of new products, explain relevant knowledge points, and design the early warning management process, according to the industry's characteristics and realities, and offer useful solutions to clients in combination with related case studies.


On patent management, Pacific China can provide enterprises with day-to-day patent management and training services, customize various patent management training courses for R&D engineers and patent management personnel based on the actual realities of enterprises, help them resolve various problems with patent management, rapidly enhance their patent management capabilities, optimize their patent structures, facilitate the appreciation of patent value and promote the development of patent matters for enterprises. Pacific China also provides categorized management of the patent issues possibly arising from technology R&D and technology-related work of enterprises, customize various trainings for them and explain relevant knowledge points based on specific cases.

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