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The organizational structure of Pacific China covers the full range of fields relating to intellectual property, with each field carefully categorized and corporate internal management superior to its peers in China.


Electronics Department: engaged in patent cases involving electronic communications, electronic circuits, digital circuits, computers, semiconductors and automatic control technology, among others.


Chemistry Department: engaged in patent cases involving energy materials, fine chemistry, synthetic materials, organic optics, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology, among others.


Mechanics and Design Department: engaged in patent cases involving automobiles, combustion engines, architecture, materials science, semiconductors, metallic materials, mechanical engineering, mining equipment, and precision instruments, among others, as well as design patent applications, and completion of drawing during patent application for clients.


IP Consulting Department: understanding the IP demands of enterprises, providing them with complete IP solutions with specific characteristics and all-rounded IP services.


Patent Management Department: filing electronic patent applications, monitoring official time limits, delivering official documents, reminding and paying annuities, filing PCT international applications, as well as fee services during the patent application process.


Trademark Department: providing trademark-specific consultation and filing trademark applications; providing professional services to clients during the entire process of trademark disputes and evaluation, preparing the statement of reasons or offering response opinions; providing all the services relating to the inquiry, registration and renewal of trademarks, trademark disputes, as well as trademark monitoring services.


International Business Department: responsible for all the procedural matters relating to overseas patent and trademark applications for enterprises.


Legal Affairs Department:

providing legal advice involving IP and related field, and litigations relating to patents and trademarks.


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